Terms and Conditions


All toys are expected to be returned within 2 weeks.

If you cannot return a toy by the time it is due, you MUST contact a committee member.

Please let us know if your contact details need updating. You can do this by letting a committee member know when checking your toys out or by emailing us at turangitoylibrary@gmail.com.

It is very helpful to have email addresses of those who have them so that we can email information to you. Please check your details when checking out your toys.

Please “like” us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/turangitoylibrary

We do updates to remind you of upcoming sessions and other events coming up.

Please do not open toys on session due to toys being lost and damaged during session.


All toys are potentially hazardous.

Store all plastic bags in a safe place.

Supervise babies and small children near toys and puzzles with small pieces.

Please advise us of any safety concerns you have so we may label items accordingly.


We are always on the lookout for more committee members as our membership grows. Our committee meets every month, involvement beyond that is up to your individual availability.

The Annual Stocktake is usually held in April. It is an expectation that all members will do their very best to attend.