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Checkout register and scales

1 Cash Register with scanner and eftpos
1x Wooden Scale with plate
4x coins
3x 1$ notes
1x EFTPOS card

Fee: NZ$ 1.00 for 14 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Hape
Code: 1224

CASH OR CREDIT?: This wooden register lets kids scan a card or pay with money, teaching your little one basic math and money counting skills. The cash register features realistic accessories that encourage real-world imitative play.
The checkout register comes equipped with one change draw, one scanner, one stack of register paper, one card reader, one credit card, and more. Teach your little one monetary value.

•MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Part of this set is built in a sustainable way using fasal as an alternative for wood. Made from wood pellet and corns starch, fasal is moisture-proof and exceptionally strong

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