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Shark Bite Pirate Ship

1 x treasure
1 x telescope
1 x cage
1 x flag
2 x figurines with armour & swords
2 x cannon balls
4 x missiles
1 x Large Ship

Fee: NZ$ 2.00 for 7 days

On loan
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Fisher Price
Code: TTL-2092

Those crafty pirate scallywags have disguised their ship to look just like a shark. Roll it along and the "fins" move, just like it's swimming! To protect your treasure from Blackbeard and his raiders, push on a Power Pad to capture attackers in one BIG shark bite!
Still more coming? Turn another Power Pad to aim the cannon and fire - or push button on launcher to send projectiles flying! Now it's all hands on deck for more high-seas adventures! Young buccaneers can throw prisoners in the brig that opens & closes have them walk the plank or hang 'em from the yardarm.
For ages 3-8 years

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